JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS     Vol. 24  No. 4     January 2014

Special issue on ICS 2012

Guest Editors : 

Ruay-Shiung Chang and Sheng-Lung Peng


Special Issue
     Ruay-Shiung Chang and Sheng-Lung Peng
2. Design and Implementation of a Secure Service-Oriented Workflow Platform
     Tao-Ku Chang and Jyun-Siao Huang full article
3IEBSR: An Integrated e-Tourism Service for Self-Guided Travel
     Jeng-Wei Lin, Chun-Hsin Chang, Chen-Ying Hsieh, Young-Tin Cheng, and Xiao-Ting Huang full article
4. SMS and Emails as Class Reminders to Assist Subject Learning
     Chih-Hung Lai, Shun-Po Yang, Ai-Chiun Yen, and Chen-Gjun Chou full article

Regular Section

5. Two Centralized Energy-Efficient Deployment Algorithms for Mobile Nodes in a Mixed Wireless Sensor Network
   Zi-Qi Hao and Zhen-Jiang Zhang full article
6. The Research of Railway Coal Dispatched Volume Prediction Based on Chaos Theory
  Hua-Wen Wu and Fu-Zhang Wang full article 
7.Robust Speaker Verification Based on Max Pooling of Sparse Representation
  Wei Wang, Jiqing Han, Tieran Zheng, and Guibin Zheng full article 
8.Multi-source Coalition Transmissions with Fault Tolerant Routing for Data Centric WSNs
  Lei Wang, Wei Lin, and Jyh-Ming Huang full article 
9.A Q-learning-based Heterogeneous Wireless Network Selection Algorithm
  Chen-Wei Feng, Lian-Fen Huang, Pei-Zhi Ye, Yu-liang Tang, and Han-Chieh Chao full article