JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS     Vol. 26  No. 2     July 2015

Special Issue on Mobile Computing in Digital Forensics, Security and Privacy

Guest Editors : 

Chia-Chen Lin, Shiuh-Jeng Wang, Jonathan C.L. Liu, and Chao-Liang Liu


Special Issue
     Chia-Chen Lin, Shiuh-Jeng Wang, Jonathan C.L. Liu, and Chao-Liang Liu
2. The Digital Traces Uncovering of Generic Gmail / Facebook Instant Messaging Sessions via the IE Browser as Probative Evidences
     Hai-Cheng Chu, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Ming-Hao Yin, and Gai-Ge Wang full article
3Embedding Information in Chinese Calligraphy Images
     Zhi-Hui Wang, Chin-Chen Chang, Ying-Hsuan Huang, Hai-Rui Yang, and Gwoboa Horng full article
4. Jailbroken iPhone Forensics for the Investigations and Controversy to Digital Evidence
     Ya-Ting Chang, Ke-Chun Teng, Yu-Cheng Tso, and Shiuh-Jeng Wang full article
5. Exploring Privacy Requirements and Their Online Managements
     Da-Yu Kao full article
6. A High Payload Steganography Scheme for Color Images Based on BTC and Hybrid Strategy
     Hon-Hang Chang, Yung-Chen Chou, Chiung-Chen Tseng, and Timothy K. Shih full article
7. Sharing Large Secret Messages Using Two AMBTC Shadows
     Ching-Chun Chang and Ying-Hsuan Huang full article

Regular Section

8. Fully Automatic Abdominal Fat Segmentation System from a Low Resolution CT Image
  Pan-Fu Kao, Yu-Liang Kuo, Po-Tsun Lai, Wei-Chen Chen, Ya-Ling Hsu, and Chiun-Li Chin full article 
9. A Transmission Control Protocol with High Throughput of Using Low Earth-Orbit Satellite to Collect Data from the Floats on Sea Surface
  Chia-Sheng Tsai, Yu-Cheng Wang, and Hsin-Kai Wang full article