JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS     Vol.20  No.1     April 2009

Special issue on Digital Rights Management

Guest Editor :    Prof. Der-Chuyan Lou


      Der-Chyuan Lou 
2. Tamper Detection and Recovery Using a Reversible Watermarking Technique   
     Shinfeng D. Lin and Ai-Lin Chiang 欲觀全文請至CEPS
3Zero-Watermarking Algorithm for Content Authentication of Chinese Text Documents 
     Xin-Min Zhou, Wei-Dong Zhao, Zhi-Cheng Wang, and Gang Wei 欲觀全文請至CEPS
4. A High Capacity Data Hiding Algorithm for Point-Sampled Geometry 
      Meng-Tsan Li, Nien-Ching Huang, Kuo-Chen Wu, Chin-Kai Jan, and Chung-Ming Wang 欲觀全文請至CEPS
5. Image Verification for Digital Rights Management Using Fragile Watermarks Based on a Human Visual Model
      Da-Chun Wu and Wen-Hsiang Tsai 欲觀全文請至CEPS
6Color Image Protection with Palette Information Embedded into Its Grayscale Image
     Jia-Hong Lee and Mei-Yi Wu 欲觀全文請至CEPS
7Image Library Systems: A Novel Installment Payment for Buying Images on the Web 
      Ching-Nung Yang, Yao-Yu Yang, and Chih-Yang Chiu 欲觀全文請至CEPS
8. A Secret Sharing Authentication Scheme for Digital Images
     Shiuh-Jeng Wang, I-Shuan Lin, Lin-Chun Lin, and Wen-Ya Chiang 欲觀全文請至CEPS