JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS     Vol.20  No.2     July 2009

Special issue on Mobile Commerce

Guest Editor : Assistant Prof. Jung-San Lee


      Jung-San Lee 
2. Mobile Services and Perceived Mobility Value in Theme Park Operations
     Shu-Ting Chuang 欲觀全文請至CEPS
3A Design of Lightweight RFID Anti-Counterfeiting Mechanism 
     Yu-Yi Chen and Yi-Cheng  欲觀全文請至CEPS
4. Anonymous Reader Authentication for RFID-enabled Mobile Devices
     Hung-Yu Chien and Chieh-Shian Tu  欲觀全文請至CEPS
5. Adaptive Caching and Presentation Mechanism to Enhance M-Learning Market
     Jason C. Hung, Kuo-Feng Hwang, and Neil Y. Yen 欲觀全文請至CEPS
6An Evaluation of Mobile Commerce Adoption in Iran
    S.K Chaharsooghi and Roshanak Saneifard 欲觀全文請至CEPS
7Anonymous Electronic Lottery Protocol
    Chun-I Fan, Chun-Liang Chang, Ming-Te Chen, and Pei-Hsiu Ho 欲觀全文請至CEPS
8. Secure and Efficient Mobile RFID Authentication Protocol
     Hung-Min Sun, Shuai-Min Chen, Chen-En Lu, and Cheng-Ta Yang  欲觀全文請至CEPS
9Verifiable and Untraceable Message Extraction System
    Ya-Fen Chang, Jian-Hong Ciou, and Jheng-Jhe Lin 欲觀全文請至CEPS
10. A Scheme of Image-based Signature Verification upon Secret Sharing for Shopping in E-commerce Systems
     Shiuh-Jeng Wang, Yuh-Ren Tsai, Pin-You Chen, and Chien-Chih Shen 欲觀全文請至CEPS