JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS     Vol.22  No.1     April 2011

Special issue on Visual Cryptography and its Applications

Guest Editor : 

Chia-Chen Lin


      Chia-Chen Lin
2. The Watermark Copy Attack Based on the Principle Analysis
     Li Li, Ying-Ying Ma, Jian-Feng Lu, and Yan-Hui Fu 欲觀全文請至CEPS
3A Redundancy Removal Method for Bill Images
     Li Li, FangFang Li, and Jian-Feng Lu 欲觀全文請至CEPS
4. A Multiple Watermarking Scheme Gray-Level Images using Visual Cryptography and Integer Wavelet Transform
     Hui Wen Liao and Hsim Wei Huang 欲觀全文請至CEPS
5. Tradeoff between Share Size and Security in Visual Cryptography for Mobile Devices
     Shyong-Jian Shyu and Jia-Ru Tsai 欲觀全文請至CEPS
6. A 2 out of 3 Visual Multiple Secret Sharing Method using Generalized Random Grids
    Shang-Kuan Chen 欲觀全文請至CEPS
7. Share Authentication based Cheating Prevention in Naor-Shamir’s Visual Cryptography
    Yu-Chi Chen, Gwoboa Horng, and Du-Shiau Tsai 欲觀全文請至CEPS