JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS     Vol.22  No.3     October 2011

Special issue on Computer Arithmetic and Cryptography

Guest Editors : 

Chiou-Yng Lee and Che-Wun Chiou


Special Issue
     Chiou-Yng Lee and Che-Wun Chiou
2. Efficient Designs for AOP-Based Field Multiplication over GF(2m)
     Pramod Kumar Meher and Chiou-Yng Lee 欲觀全文請至 CEPS
3Concurrent Error Detection in Polynomial Basis Multiplier over GF(2m) Using Irreducible Trinomial
     Hung-Wei Chang, Che-Wun Chiou, Fu-Hua Chou, and Wen-Yew Liang 欲觀全文請至 CEPS
4. Design of Polynomial Basis Multiplier over GF(2m) for Resisting Fault-Based Cryptanalysis and Off-Line Testing
     Che-Wun Chiou, Wen-Tzeng Huang, Chi-Hsiang Chang, Chiou-Yng Lee, Jim-Min Lin, and Yun-Chi Yeh 欲觀全文請至 CEPS
5. Error-Correcting Codes for Concurrent Error Correction in Bit-parallel Systolic and Scalable Multipliers for Shifted Dual Basis of GF(2m)
     Chiou-Yng Lee, Pramod Kumar Meher and Yung-Hui Chen 欲觀全文請至 CEPS

Regular Section

6. RFID Data Security and Privacy Based on XOR Algorism
   Chih-Yung Chen 欲觀全文請至 CEPS
7. An Improved CRT-based Watermarking Scheme with Voting Strategy
  Hsiao-Shan Wong, You-Ren Chen, and Jung-San Lee 欲觀全文請至 CEPS
8. A High Payload Multiple Embedding Scheme Based Reversible Data Hiding
  Chen-Feng Lee, Chin-Chen Chang, and Chun-Yu Wu 欲觀全文請至 CEPS